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About TTO

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) serves two main purposes which both relate to technology transfer.

Technology transfer is the every day term used to describe the activities that relate to the university-industry interaction including research collaboration and transfer of technology through commercialisation.

Aarhus University wants to encourage knowledge transfer and to contribute to business development and the progress of society as a whole. It is the aim of the university to work with small and large companies alike regardless of nationality to develop new technologies, products, job opportunities and thereby strenghten the university's profile and Denmark's competitiveness.

Technology transfer from research to industry thus has a high priority for the university. TTO facilitates and supports this proces. Read about the TTO strategy (only in Danish).

The tasks of the Technology Transfer Office lie within two main areas. One area relates to research collaboration. The research collaboration can be national and international alike - between the University on the one side and private companies, universities or other organisations on the other. It is the object of the Technology Transfer Office to ensure that satisfactory contracts are made which are concurrent with existing legislation and Aarhus University's own guidelines for research collaboration.

The other area relates to patentable inventions that are made by employees at Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region. The Technology Transfer Office files for protection of intellectual property rights, coordinates further development and marketing of technologies, negotiates license agreements and administrates active patents and agreements. Thus TTO acts as tech trans office for Central Denmark Region too including Aarhus University Hospital. Read more.

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