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Danish-Japanese research collaboration yields exciting new technology

A research collaboration between Associate Professor Peter Kristensen, Department of Molecular Biology, Associate Professor Hiroshi Ueda, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, University of Tokyo, and Research Fellow Masayuki Kawakami, FUJIFILM Corporation, led to the development of patent-pending technology that will potentially enable faster and more efficient production of novel binding molecules capable of specifically recognising the presence and amount of small analytes in complex solutions. The researchers have developed a method that combines the ability of phage display technology to select antibody fragments capable of specifically recognising other molecules with a screening method enabling rapid identification of antibody fragments that, in addition to specific recognition, can be used in open sandwich immunoassays

The scope of the application area for this technology is extensive, ranging from measuring small amounts of antibodies in the blood to the presence of pesticides in field samples. The researchers will continue to collaborate on further research while FUJIFILM Corporation’s Life Science Laboratories will develop and commercialize the technology. As a result of the collaboration Aarhus University, the University of Tokyo and TODIA TLO Ltd., a technology licensing organisation under the auspices of the University of Tokyo, have entered into an exclusive agreement with FUJIFILM Corporation to commercialize the invention.

Photo by Lars Kruse/AU-foto

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